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Transfert intergenerational skills


Transfer of skills between generations


One or more of your employees have brought to your attention that they might take their pension in the near future?


You fear of losing the expertise developed during the years?


In the mist of your company you have one or more employees who might be interested in replacing  them but they need training?


You would like to be eligible to a maximum subsidy of 100,000$


We have the answer :

Services INCLUDED with the subsidy

-          Training of inside instructors;  to employees possessing the skills required, furnish the occasion to intervene appropriately when the transfer occurs.

-          Note the skillful comments of the personnel implied;  write the manual (paper) which will contain the  whole information to be transferred;

-          Contribute to the transfer;  support the employee with the transfer of his skills  to the takeover with the help of the written manual


Services NOT INCLUDED in the subsidy

Possibility of transferring the paper manuals into an electronic format so it can be used  on all type of intelligent telephones, pads and (phablette) and this anytime and anywhere.



-          This subsidy covers the reimbursement of 50% of professional fees (max 150$ and also the reimbursement your employees ‘ salary (max.20$) involve in the approach of transfer, which could be spread during a whole year.

For more information, please consult the guide of transitory measures (FDRCMO 2015-2016 on the site of the Partners Commission of the working market (CPMT)



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