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You're working but are looking for a better opportunity?
Consult one of our professionals in order to facilite your approach

Our view

  • Integrity, ability to listen, global appoach to the individual
  • Knowing your individual needs
  • A bank of expert and trained professionals

Our services

  • Professional orientation, inventory of skills, exploration, back to shool
  • Change of career, professional appraisal, transfer of skills, identification of new job possibilities
  • Individual support, psychological support, aims to reach on a short or medium term, back to work on a progressive or full-time basis
  • Succeeding technical tests
  • Effective strategies in job research (social medias, data base, interviews)
  • Drafting / translation of curriculum vitae
  • Exploring the business market

Before meeting one of our consultants...

  • What is your availability?
  • What is he nearest service point to meet one of our consultants
  • To be eligible to our services, you must work 30 hours / week or more
  • When contacting us, please specify your needs

How does it work?

  • Inquire about our rates
  • Method of payment; cheque or cash (payable at the end of the session)
  • Once your inquires completed, let us know your satisfaction.


    Diane Brossard,
    Service aux entreprises

    Téléphone: 450 651-8747